QA 25: Provisional Throws Q: What is the provisional throw rule and when should it be used? A: A provisional throw is used when a player disagrees with the group’s ruling and no official is available, or when it might save time in case of a possible lost or OB disc. Provisional throws allow play […]
QA 15: Lost Then Found Q: My disc was declared lost after a fruitless 3-minute search. As I began to head back to my previous lie, we found the disc. Now what do I do? A: It remains a lost disc, and you continue back to your previous lie. Applicable Rules: 804.05 Lost Disc.
QA 8: Disc Knocked out of Tree Q: My disc was stuck in a tree well above two meters (with the two-meter rule in effect), when another player’s throw knocked it to the ground. Where is my lie, and am I subject to a two-meter penalty throw? A: The disc is played relative to where […]